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Advice for a Great Last Day at Work

· Alvin Hope Johnson,Workplace,Career,Work,Job

At some point during your career, you’ll likely leave one job and move on to pursue a different one. While this can be an exciting and distracting time, you still need to perform well at your current job, even on your last day.

Wrap Up Any Last Projects

Make sure you devote some time on your last day to tying up any loose ends. Even if you don’t think you have any more projects, chances are you’ll still have something come up, so it’s good to have time planned for wrapping things up. If you’re transferring any projects or tasks to others, touch base with them and answer any questions. This will help things continue to run smoothly in your absence, which is something that your team will surely appreciate.

Get Contact Information from Your Colleagues

Even after you leave, your coworkers and clients will remain part of your professional network. Make sure you have the contact information for those you want to stay in touch with after you leave. One good way to do this is to add your contacts on LinkedIn, or export your email contacts.

Organize and Transfer Computer Files

You should also include time in your day to organize and transfer your computer files. If you have any files that will be useful to your team in the future, make sure to put them on a team drive. If you have any documents that would be useful to you in the future, such as approved files for your portfolio, copy them to a flash drive for yourself.

Once you have all the files you or your team will need, clear your computer. Put everything that’s unnecessary in the trash, and then remember to empty the trash. Clear your browser history, and do anything else to ensure that you’ve left a clean digital slate.

Provide a Positive Exit Interview

Most companies will have you perform an exit interview. This is a great time to provide the organization with constructive criticism. Remember to stay respectful and not speak in anger. Instead, remain professional even if you are frustrated. Try writing out what you’re going to say in advance to make sure you’ll be able to articulate any issues calmly.

Once you’re done, you’ll normally have to fill out some paperwork from HR, and return your keys and ID cards. Don’t forget to bring these on your last day!

These steps will help you have a positive and stress-free last day at your current job! This is an exciting step as you move forward in your career journey.

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