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    Alvin Hope Johnson loves life and loves people. He is the President of Hope Housing Foundation, a non-profit affordable-housing company in Dallas, Texas. The group not only provides housing, but fundamental lessons to help community members thrive and get back on their feet. Alvin is a dedicated member of his Dallas, Texas community, and loves sharing his wisdom and expertise with others. This desire has led him to develop his blogs so others can learn more about real estate, business, and mentorship. He's also worked hard to become a certified public speaker so he can encourage others in the professional journeys.


    Alvin Hope Johnson also manages Assertive Management Group, LLC., as well as Empowered Services of Texas. Each group feeds into each other to create a strong community, with Empowered Services of Texas acting as the General Contracting group for all of the Foundation's projects. All three businesses are centrally located in the Dallas area of Texas. Alvin came from a humble beginning. He worked as handyman taking whatever jobs he could to scrape together a living. Eventually he was able to utilize the skills he learned to grow in his knowledge of the industry. Now he manages a growing business, and seeks to share his story with others.


    Alvin Hope Johnson is extremely grateful for all of those people who helped guide him to the place where he is today. He doubts he'd be as effective a manager, or as successful in business without their advice. His personal and professional connections were instrumental in the development of his career. He seeks to "pay it forward" and share what he's learned throughout his career with others embarking on similar journeys. His positivity and knowledge are extremely influential. He knows that a good attitude is contagious, and seeks to constantly inspire others. This makes Alvin a great teacher. He is excited to share his mentorship with others. He knows it can be difficult to start a mentorship program at your workplace or ask someone to be your mentor, so he's created a series of blog posts to help you tackle the subject. Visit Alvin Hope Johnson's site below for more great mentorship information!


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